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.last friday i was up til 1030 am edt when tornadoes were raviging the dixie states i did all my best to warn and inform them of inpending danger here on facebook twitter and CHASER U my mind was boggled about the sense of responsibility in this situation i know in my heart that people do have a responsibility but they dont listen to the warnings or watches they dont take things seriously anymore they always say oh ittl pass its just a storm only to find out your house in yer whole neighbourhood is demolished by a EF4 tornado

with people killed and missing and injured they think they can be tough at fighting that beast when in turn u never can prepare yourself im talking about resposibility and awarness u can prepare for a tornado or any weather disaster u can get a bicycle helmet a baseball helmet GOGGLES or something to protect yourself from fallen debris AND flying debris most people that have died in tornadoes die from head trauma chest trauma internal injuries flying debris as well it would be really interesting to get a tornado suit to wear during tornado emergencies something that could protect your head eyes and your whole body from flying dammaging debris etc i do agree with mr james spanns idea that helmets and goggles work but its just the laziness and the unprepardness that goes on like this in the near future i believe it should be a mandatory law to have weather radios in your house and well built tornado shelters but here comes the bad part the money and the time and the funding is very expensive i know our economy is at a all time Lull

and i think we neeed to get back up on our feet to tell the laziest person ever who sits at his desk all day at the white house just to answer phone calls and in my opinion is the most disrespectful person any more we dont build better homes any more we dont oblige to the code enforcements of building responsibilites any more we make mother nature easy to destroy a house when building codes were not enforced any more we dont take responsibility any more and thats why people get killed they hide in there cars they also hide in there cars under bridges which is a biggg hugeee NONO OR i sure hope they dont go under the gerters under the bridge because that is also a big NO NO its what i calll unprepared laziness and irresponsiblility also dont even try to hide in the bath tub for the ceiling will collapse on yu the best way to preform tornado emergencies is Hide under a steady piece off furniture like your couch turn it over and get pillows and blankets to protect your whole body

go to a basement or an interior room on the lowest flooor with out windows or a base ment

but our society never ever ever listens i dont know how many times i have told them or our meteorologists / AKA GUARDIAN ANGELS U HAVE TO PREPARE PLAN AND PREVENT TRAGEDIES LIKE THESE it can happen to anyone you me family who ever it is your honest responsiblility to have a plan and prepare get those weather radios NOW it could mean the diffrence between life or death

yours truly Kim Twister

Shawn Gossman
Great blog Kim, thanks for sharing it
  • March 6, 2012
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u welcome bud anytime
  • March 6, 2012
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